Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Throw

My daughter came 1st in shot put in her school. She doesn't look that strong by any physical appearance, in fact small frame and from some angle looks puny. Asked her How could you do this and I could see some of them who looked stronger. She quietly told me, there is more to the throw, it is just not physical alone.. Ya I told myself .. it applies to all.. not just physical. May be everything in life is a combination. The mind is not physical.. it controls.. thoughts which come from outside, .. the part other than what exists on the surface, exists.


Uma said...

Can we quote the old adage that its all the a state of mind. Why is it the under dog always turns a winner, the over achievers run out of steam even before the race begins and the best bet is lost even the wager is placed. This is what makes the impossible plausible?Its all about mind over matter.

Balaji Venkataraman said...