Saturday, August 9, 2008

Attachment - Is it Good or Bad

My friend kept feeding a calf on her neighbours little farm regularly and looking forward to that everyday. May be getting attached to the little one where the calf used to run towards her as she goes everyday with bananas to feed the littleone. Gave a nice name Sweetie to the calf and enjoyed every moment. .. I teased her saying it is the Bannana conditioning, she avoided even such friendly teasing and her eyes said NO, dont even mention that and believed the calf had a special place in its hear for her. Last couple of days the calf wasnt' there and on last Monday she realized that the owner of that calf sold it off and did not know who bought it. Oh Man, I was even worried when she described this and told myself she should'nt get any further emotional on this issue. Now she starts searching for the calf taking hints from every point of this transaction and find the calf couple of miles away where it was about to be to taken to a distance farm miles away and the trader was collecting all of them for a shipment to happen. The way she explained the joy, tears would roll out of any human. She buys the calf back & as there is no definite physical place in her house hands it over to the old owner and says "keep it and please allow me to visit my sweetie daily".

Are attachments Good or Bad. Emotionally liking somebody or something is very different from attachment.
By assigning "good or bad" to something, I perceive that I am creating an attachment to it and thereby perpetuating the conditions that lead to suffering. Comment ..


green said...

Similarly, I too have had my share of worries/failures trying to think logically in such emotional attachments.

This logical thinking of a man always leads him to expect more and/or fear more in his relationship... If he uses his mind, it only gets worse...

Hence, i've stopped expecting/perceiving anything out of an emotional relationship.

If something gd happens, i enjoy... if it sucks, i cry... But i never use my "mind" to solve a emotional relationship problem...

don know if its right or wrong. So far it never worked... let me know if there is any other solution.

Uma Srini said...

At this space in life one wonders how much we can retune, how much we can fine tune and how much we could have totally avoided tuning into.I mean attachment- an embroidered word for love.There are so many beings we get attached to and so many memories and material things we get attached to. How much of this attachment is actually wearing us down and how much is perking us up. We get as tired when no one loves us as much as when too many love us.