Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unable to write

Why did I get this picture of Buddha on my home page. Every time I look at the picture, something tells me just 'be'. This is the 'n'th attempt and this keeps happening. I am struggling hard to get over the power of those eyes, calmness of the picture. No exaggerations. My heart melts, tears roll down, feeling connected. I need to have the peace and still would want to write. May be.


Uma said...

That’s the power of attachments-be it to a photo, an object, a relationship. It is so sublime that the same picture can evoke different feelings in us. I often go into the 'mandir' in my house and I feel a communication of my anguish. I'll never know if my subconscious is making me supersede this feeling or if it is the divine faith.

green said...

It's been long since we had a new post. Looking forward for new blogs and conversations.