Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That's U

Last Sunday was a day when I ever in my life understood what THAT means. I became that, I dont want to use all caps and make a vulgarity out of the super that, neither I would like to cage it within double quotes and suffer. How is it to stay awake and yet get lost in where you dont remember most of the day. End of the day energy level is so high, u could do it again and again. Oh my love, I saw the moon , the clouds, earth, rain, sun, music, heard the silence, and no big deal to some one who has not tried painting not being a good painter, some one who attempted to sing and is not a trained singer. It is very naked. Try it, I preach, He said roll , I rolled, He said be with yourself I dropped my mind. I dont have to think. When you are that you dont do anything, everything happens. He .. Who? Certain treasures are hidden. Deep, so deep He becomes U.

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