Saturday, July 19, 2008

Special Needs Children

My wife works with Special Needs Children for the last 9 years.. This morning I asked her do you take it up with the parents if you see that their anxiety is a contributing factor where the child is now anxiety ridden... No, not exactly she said.. why they become anxious is a factor to look at and other factors and she kept adding too many technical details and I could not follow.. If you feel that pressure on parents at Home, Work, their anxieties, insecurities is a contributing factor or otherwise .. pl post your comments here..


Nanda Kumar said...
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JJ said...

Growth is an ongoing process. Grow. Choose the right mentor to guide you - difficult though easily said.. In life many would like to be associated with "Brands" few create it.. Imagine who thought microsoft will be so big when their 1st group photo had a single digit score. How many thought Infy will have over 120,000 staff strength.. Learn every minute and be focussed. This will pave way for success as word success is holistic and not just any one

green said...

me and my dad are anxiety victims. I wud say i am gifted wit a great dad first. He always has great hopes for me, and thats wat makes things worse. He gave me a big education, never pushes me to do things that he wants to do..

Little history now. Dad was running a small foundry workshop and stopped it after i started earning. I have a Mba degree now and working in bangalore.

coming to anxiety,
When i said i am thinking of restarting that small co, dad gets more anxious... he says he wants me to do BIG things, in par with my MBA degree..and Not to run a small foundry, which cud be run by an uneducated person like himself.
He never says my choices were wrong. But he also never gets satisfied with my selections of a slow and steady growth in life. It happened in my job selection too. He was not satisfied with my wish to join "a growing company" rather than choosing well branded ones with a big package that came for recruitment.

Money is not a problem for him. He is settled in his life and also gave me full freedom to choose my life.

Now, i want to satisfy my dad. Also i don want to let him down, for all his big hopes of mine. can you help?