Thursday, July 17, 2008

My neighbour's 2 year old daughter

Amazing is her frame of mind, she has started prioritizing our meeting times. She has her own agenda. No more I have the liberty to pick her up whenever I want to. Says okay JJ bye. .. bye. buy chocki from markit.. shaking her head as if I have already agreed and she has taken the 1st bite of the chocki.. I see her now trying to get the little transistor ON ( I am one of the few who still hang on to the once fashion and the inthing) where there is only 1 battery and it needs 2 though. She is pushing it once to the right, trying to switch ON and seeing it is not working, now she tries to push it to the left and it is still not working. She tells me JJ cell markit.. with a smile worth a trillion... I never thought I would get a nice little kid just across our house, this little angel is the looking forward every evening when I get back from work. All great things come free. God thanks again,

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