Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reflect - May be You would like it

Trying to be with myself, asking whether the sync between my associations is happening.. the way it should, where at the end of it, does these associations leave a peace within myself.. even though technically I am not supposed search outside and go within.. Dialogue to myself on a Sunday morning will be very different from the Dialogue on a Monday morning though. I am trying to dwell on the state of mind & peace within.. Actually concept of I will play a role when one really starts going in deep within.. the heart, mind will need to peacefully co exist and the economies of everyday living will add, while you try to reflect as we are guided by the past with a clear uncertain future which you think we want to create.

I loose myself when I become that and the moment I am gonna loose, that very fine moment where it is yet to happen, it is not happening, may be if it happens it is not that... waiting..

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