Monday, July 21, 2008

My office People Attended a 2 day reflection course

A couple from my office spent 2 days in a life transforming program. they sent me a note on their learning...

  • Eliminate Starting trouble i.e. gap between wake up and getting up.
  • Do whatever you want to do, if, You would like your child to follow the same. You would do it in the presence of your parents. You would do it in the place of worship.
  • Do not get disturbed by small incidents.Keep everything simple, do not complicate matters.Always think positively. Never allow negative thoughts in your mind.
  • Think before you say anything.Do not promise without knowing what you are promising.
  • Power of man is the power of mind,Power of mind is the power of subconscious mind.Power of subconscious mind is the power of subconscious beliefs. Subconscious beliefs are built by making and honouring commitments.Do not commit. If committed, do everything possible to honour it.
  • Always think of your teacher, be in the company of good people, always have good thoughts (Buddham saranam kachaami, Sangam saranam kachaami, Dharmam saranam kachaami).Concentrate on one process at a time with intensity.Expectation + Non Acceptance è Leads to Anger.Expectation + Acceptance è Tolerated.Be organized. i.e. Time for anything and anything in that time, Place for anything and anything in that time.To beat it, be at it.Control your Body, Mind / Thoughts and your emotions.
  • Do not get angry with anyone. Communicate till he/she gets satisfied/clarified. Through communication make him/her to understand. If not, learn how to communicate and then continue.Calm & peaceful mind will hold and create more thoughts than a turbulent mind.
  • Don’t fear, just face it.
  • Keep faith in you, believe in you

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