Thursday, November 13, 2008

Man Next To You May Be God

2 days over this week end looked very eventful, we made wonderful candles at home.. something pushed me to make candles..  very divine experience, brought the family together, maid left her work and wanted to watch what we were all up to.. child like interest which came from no where kept the whole of Saturday afternoon rhythm with very positive energies and when the candles were made, I wanted to correct it by saying, candles were born, 

Yaa, I felt there was much more to making the candle.. materialistic if it was wax, melting, pouring, burning.. making them, it will sound like an event - the real candle making to me was loosing all your time to it , the it is IT.. without knowing you have totally surrendered effortlessly to the making, That time, I was able to connect. really connect to the existence,, like everything one would realize after it passes and one would reach an ecstatic state if realizes during..  you can accept someone far away, may be decades or millions or mythological, may be they are so pure , may be no sound. only imagination  u cannot feel them.  it is a pity someone who comes in close contact u will miss. real alertness in the centre. i say it again and again.. right moment is required... it cannot be forced. even saints fail to recognize this, however physically they are close to their teacher. May be they start judging, may be the rebel in them tells them.. "NO NO".. I like saints who are rebels. But they have to complete their cycle.. they cannot be a rebel and not a saint.. may be more, In India they call them gyani.. may be that which is original is born out of this NO NO , may be that is why newer things are born.  let go let go let God.. don't force anything, it could be anything.. mind or body or whatever.. i am looking at sound as chemistry not physics.. between the body and soul is my mind... after all, your biology is the final receipt ant of a sound, be it physics or chemistry .. drop your mind.. Existence is a mystery. it is total. beauty how can u analyze it. can u apply logic to that. Man wanted to go to a shiva temple.  The woman there is also an ardent follower too. she asked Why? . he is mystic, he wanted to go, simply Ya I want to go. He had no reason, no celebration, no nothing.. She is purely logical .. her mind wanted to ask Why.. she knows the maths behind it. His heart wanted to go.. his mind was absent. may be he smelt it, may be felt it, may be there was a soul. may be some search.. the gap between mind and body. I saw a carnival there. Heart wants and another mind asked why? .... do u have to desire for God is another question..  this can propel anyone into another dimension of thought. may be .. a state without information, without knowledge.. no light, total darkness, contradictions are possible here and both the poles are true, absolute. Pendulum clock and the quartz movement tells you the physical time.YOU in all capital letters that the life is moving. You are told time is moving, You get tired, you feel hungry, more driven by clock, more than the animal in you. Try no clock for a couple of days, you will be surprised at the time you eat and sleep.. don’t block the sunlight , do nothing, let it be as it is. Loose yourself. I lost my Buddha today.

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