Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Doing out of Concern and Doing out of Worry

Problem and Solution, exactly the opposites,The night started getting little colder, winter and the stars were bright .. He waited for his daughter to get back from work... Midnight she came home and at work they had to complete a presentation to be kept ready for the next day business pitch... During the wait the man was concerned about the safety and all the problems which could be associated and cannot do anything more, not that he could drive up nor do anything at all... hence resulting in worry... will worrying get the daughter back safe home or should he whistle around and tell himself the goodness and safety of the society  & that everything is fine and don't expect only worst things to happen, the best happens as it happened, she came back home safe with a pride she did very well and could participate.. the man couldn't enjoy the success and rattled on how he was worried out of concern.. again the polarities meet, actions out of concern and actions out of worry... both there is a hairline difference both stemming out of love and affection .. may be actions out of concern are before and actions out of worry are after

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