Tuesday, July 29, 2014

R we Missing Out

Did we in the recent times
  • Sing in the bathroom when the water fell over our head
  • had tears in the eyes looking at nature
  • listened to the music with our heart   
  • thank the cosmos fully understanding the best it has given us free
  • have really enjoyed walking through narrow streets
  • hugged a friend, pure love
  • could smell a flower
  • saw any plant grow
  • jumped with joy and said YES we have done it
  • looked up to the sky and wondered how far it is ..
  • got a chance to see the clouds moving making patterns
  • laughed so much we gasped for breath and it was uncontrollable
  • got a chance to sleep in the open air
  • got a chance to see the stars and wondered like the nursery rhyme
  • heard the music without any electronic interference
  • heart to heart said I love you and some one really felt so too
  • thanked at the meal
  • realized the colors around us
  • ....

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