Saturday, January 23, 2010

Illusions - fog

My colleague shouted " Where Am I" It was dense fog, very late in the night when the calendars have turned an hour ago, nature in its completeness, panicked for a while, I kept telling myself "Experience the Experience" - "You will not get this back again". Gently I could even smile when he had to ask " Where Am I" to a few drunken gypsies who were going back with country made drums on their shoulders and they replied "wherever".. Moment of truth, revelation .. as I experienced a glimpse of the great saint asking " Who Am I"..

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Uma said...

What has hit me in "experiencing the experience" for a while now, is this exam fever.12 Graders are losing their childhood to the exams so that they can get into the society's eyes of acceptability and into "professional courses" Tenth graders are in the throes of pain to get that "centum". Discussions are if they lost a mark or two in a graph, but no one realizes that their childhood cannot be replaced. Even Second graders are preparing for their IAS exams because that’s the only way of pleasing their mom's friends. When are we going to let them "experience the experience" of simple joy in growing up?